Amazon Fire & Apple TV: Head to Head

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The Amazon and the apple are both digital media players and are available in the market each with a different design and I bet no one can miss having laid eyes on them if not am pretty sure you’ve had some of your allies bragging of how they own either of the Two. so what makes the two so diverse is it their compatibility levels popularity that’s what we are going to talk about.

We first start with the apple tv which is in the making of a set top box developed nearly ten years ago and was developed by the Apple Inc and Foxconn and the Pegatron all under contract. An interesting fact about the Apple TV. That’s not it yet fellas this set top box is graded according to its operating systems so is its CPU and the input services. It has other connectivity strengths such that one can use Bluetooth, type c USB cable for the fourth generation, Wifi all disposed of for one’s preference and tastes.

In October 2015 the Apple company made it public that the apple tv 4 has 8000 applications games and video apps included fascinating huh? In order to use this set top box one has to use an HDMI cable to connect it to a high definition wide screen television. In addition, it allows consumers to use an HDTV to stream videos, games and download games from the tvOS app store. This TV also allows users to buy or rent movies from the iTunes or the services available in the tvOS Stores example the Netflix for the con comic fanatics for the sports loyalist the NBA is also available the national geographics for the animal conserves among other services are there.

Okay, then enough of the apple tv let’s focus on the Amazon Fire for a change. One fascinating difference between the Apple TV and the Amazon is that not only does the Amazon Fire appear in the market as a set up box but there are Amazon Fire sticks which a tiny USB flash device used to plug into the Tv HMDI port, the Amazon tablet which is a computer tablet developed by the All these devices from the set top box to the tablet are a product of the Amazon. com as compared to the prior which was an Apple. Inc product. Unlike the apple Tv which has direct connectivity the Amazon via the Fire Stick one can stream content over WiFi such as the Netflix, YouTube Hulu BBC World and much more.

Another striking difference between the two is that for the Amazon fire Tv it can be used on multiple TVs unlike the apple tv this is made possible since one can stream from the fire Tv to the fire stick. The Amazon, however, is not graded according to their operating systems or the CPU like their brother the apple TvThe differences between the two would go on but I rest my case for now adios!