Sonos Speaker Comparison

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Sonos has been in the speaker industry for quite some time now and has developed an impeccable range of smart speakers over the years. Their top-selling products have been the PLAY series speakers with the recent addition of Sonos ONE to it. They have also developed speakers for television that have been received positively by the people. In this article, we will compare these speakers briefly.

To begin with, PLAY:1 speakers come with two class-D digital amplifiers and one mid-woofer, making it suitable for entertaining a small room. This is also quite easy on the pocket, seeing that it costs just a little under €200.

As we move up in the category to PLAY:3 speakers, we will notice that these speakers deliver more robust sound than its predecessor. This, when considered with the deeper bass PLAY:3 speakers deliver, may be perceived as a loss in sound quality for some.

Nonetheless, the three comprising digital amplifiers make these speakers a perfect fit for places like bedrooms and backyards. Coming to PLAY:5, this is without a doubt, the most excellent speaker to have been designed by Sonos. This six digital amplifiers and three tweeters will enable you to listen to every detail in the way God intended, with no distortion. They also come with capacitive controls – a feature that wasn’t seen in the previous models.

These speakers also offer the best bass response among the three variants. However, this one is also the priciest of all, costing €579. While this may seem like a pricey investment, it is certainly a small price to pay to have your sound experience changed for the best, forever.

When it comes to Sonos One, the specifications of this speaker are fairly similar to the PLAY:1 speaker – two digital amplifiers and one tweeter. However, Sonos One also has the added features of voice control and capacitive controls which give it a futuristic touch. Apart from using the app to control the speaker (as done in every other variant), you can also use voice commands to play anything you desire.

Coming to the TV speakers, we have Sonos PLAYBAR and Sonos PLAYBASE. Both the speakers can be easily connected to the TV and to the internet and can be controlled rather comfortably. However, the sound quality of PLAYBAR may be quite inferior, seeing that it has only nine-digital amplifiers and a rather long, cuboidal shape.

PLAYBASE, on the other hand, comes with capacitive controls, 10 digital amplifiers and 10 amplified speaker drivers, which in turn, translates to high-quality sound and a surreal experience. It such a sleek, attractive design, making it look much better than its counterpart. Given that both products are priced same (€799), it is better to go for PLAYBASE.